OutFront Kalamazoo has a small paid staff of just five people. The vast majority of our programs are run by dedicated volunteers. We rely on volunteers to take leadership roles in the organization as well as to assist us in providing education, events, and programming to the greater Kalamazoo community.

Our three main types of volunteers: Committee/Program Volunteers , Event Volunteers and Office/General Volunteers



  • First Thursdays Mixer Committee
  • Public Policy Committee
  • Panel Opportunity (Sign up HERE)
  • Queer Women’s Community Committee*
  • Faith Alliance Committee
  • TransCend (Transgender & GNC  program) Committee*
  • OutGoing (LGBTQ 40+) Programs Committee*
  • People of Color Programs Committee*
  • Youth Support Service (Must Be 21+ to Facilitate)
    • Big Pride Mentorship
    • Connections Youth Group
    • Stand With Trans
  • Parent Network Program Committee

*Program committees require you to attend scheduled meetings/ events and be a member of the specified identity group. (i.e. you can not be a committee member for Transgender Programs if you are not a transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) person)


  • Office/Clerical Volunteer
  • Program Facilitator or Presenter
  • Artist of the Month


*Volunteers for Winter Gala will not be contacted until they are needed
Currently Seeking Volunteers for Kalamazoo Pride 2019. Sign up HERE

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