Faith Alliance

About The Faith Alliance

The Faith Alliance is a gathering of concerned faith community leaders seeking full inclusion of, and justice for, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons at all levels of public and religious life.  In as much as LGBT persons have been excluded and victimized by communities of faith, we seek to rectify the pains of that exclusion and build just and creative relationships between all persons.  The Faith Alliance exists to foster constructive conversations on the intersection of faith and sexuality for the healing of individuals and communities.

Along the way we aspire to:

  • Embody and send a message of welcoming, good news to the LGBT community in SW Michigan
  • Encourage LGBT awareness and support within and beyond our respective constituencies
  • Advocate for LGBT equality

While we are focused primarily on the LGBT experience, we will challenge any oppressive force against God’s children.

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Partners and Affirming Organizations

Official Partners of the Faith Alliance

Other Affirming Religious Organizations

In addition, the following organizations have requested to be listed by the Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center as LGBTQ-affirming faith based organizations. They may or may not be active in the Faith Alliance.

Please research these organizations for yourself as they vary widely in their public commitments and policies. It is recommended that you look on their website for an official statement of welcome, a pride flag or some other visible sign of commitment or give the organization a call and ask to speak to someone in leadership about their policies.

We want to make sure listings stay up-to-date. Please contact us, if you see information that needs to be updated.