Training and Speakers

OutFront Kalamazoo offers outreach services to local schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and organizations. Our outreach services come in two forms: LGBT Workplace Diversity Training and LGBT Speakers Panels.

If you are interested in working with OutFront Kalamazoo to provide outreach in the greater Kalamazoo community, please refer to our volunteer opportunities.

LGBT Workplace Diversity Training

Our LGBT Workplace Diversity Training assists organizations and businesses in creating a healthy work climate for employees and consumers.

The Training Process

  • Requesting Service: Businesses and organizations interested in OutFront Kalamazoo diversity trainings must first complete an application for training. Applications are available by contacting us.
  • Submitting Materials: We ask that all agencies interested in diversity trainings submit their employment, human resources, and consumer intake materials (if applicable) to OutFront Kalamazoo. These include: job descriptions, benefits packages, discrimination policies, job applications, intake forms, and other written training materials provided to employees.
  • Assessment: OutFront Kalamazoo will provide your agency with a written assessment of the submitted materials. This assessment is designed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of diversity and inclusion within the organization.
  • Scheduling: OutFront Kalamazoo will work with your organization to schedule TWO trainings of about 3 hours each.

Possible Training Topics
The content and focus of diversity trainings will differ depending on individual agency needs and the information gathered from the assessment. The following is a basic overview of the trainings.

Day One Training:
Basic overview of terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Brief history of the LGBT civil rights movement.
Personal stories & experiences of sexual minority people in business and social settings.

Day Two Training:
Questions & answers arising from day one.
Specifics on LGBT populations.
Working with sexual minority employees & consumers.
Best practices for inclusion & providing a safe and equal workplace environment.

In addition, OutFront Kalamazoo will work with your organization to develop an action plan including goals for creating a more open and affirming worksite, specific changes to be made over time, & set up an annual review of progress and setting of new goals.

Training Fees
OutFront Kalamazoo will work with your organization to establish a fee that works for your budget and is based on the size and length of the training.

Please contact us by calling (269) 349-4234 or via email if you have any additional questions.

LGBT Speakers Panels

Our LGBT Speakers Panels are groups of two or more (sometimes one, depending on the audience size) LGBT or allied individuals who have experience and personal stories about LGBT issues in the community and beyond.

OutFront Kalamazoo speakers panels are designed to inform the community about the issues facing LGBT people, encourage discussion and communication of LGBT issues, encourage cooperation and inclusion, and to put a real face on the LGBT community of greater Kalamazoo. Examples include:

  • Speakers panels are an excellent choice for schools, colleges, and universities looking to broaden students’ knowledge and to complement lesson plans in the areas of sociology, human sexuality, diversity, psychology, and more!
  • Businesses and other organizations may benefit from gained knowledge of the LGBT community where their employees and customers live and work.
  • Churches can learn about LGBT individuals who are active members of their own congregations and how to become a welcoming and affirming congregation themselves!

These are just a few of the ways that our Speakers Panels have helped local agencies in bringing LGBT discussions into their buildings and enlightening their students and staff.

Speakers Panels are on a sliding scale for area agencies. If you are interested in having speakers at your organization, please contact the OutFront Kalamazoo by calling (269) 349-4234 or via email.