Connections Youth Group

All programs and activities are canceled until further notice, but plans are being put in place for alternative group sessions by utilizing technology such as Zoom. If you’re interested in signing up for one of our virtual program options, please fill out this form.
If you have questions about a group you’re in, please contact us for details at [email protected].

Current Group Options

Some of our current online options for Connections include:

Dungeons and Dragons – Every Tuesday, 6p – 8p
Our LGBTQ youth group is hosting a Dungeons & Dragons group on Discord! Join us every Tuesday from 6pm – 8pm.
Virtual LGBTQ Youth Therapy – Saturday, May 9:330p – 5p
This weekly group meets virtually to provide therapeutic coping skills for dealing with anxiety and depression.
The group is for LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12–17, and is facilitated by Alexander Fry, Limited Licensed Therapist and Family Therapist, CFTP.
Connections LGBTQ Youth Group – Every Thursday, 6p – 8p
Every Thursday, 6p – 8p Connections provides an opportunity for youth to meet and share with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth. Join us for game and craft nights, discussions, and trips throughout the year.

To access these groups, please fill out the form linked above.

Connections Youth Group (Ages 12 to 17)

An opportunity to meet and share with other gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, pansexual or allied youth. A safe environment where your individuality and suggestions are respected and you can discuss anything in confidence. A place for friendship, support, acceptance, education, and access to accurate information and potential resources. Outreach and social activities designed to meet the needs and interests of everyone involved.

EVERY THURSDAY from 6pm to 8pm at OutFront Kalamazoo’s office.

SEEK ADULT VOLUNTEER FACILITATORS: Must be 21 years old and experience with youth preferred!



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